While Rihanna's new music isn't here yet, we can't stay mad at her forever since she's been keeping us occupied with her fire Fenty Looks. The singer's luxury brand is seemingly taking over and she hasn't been afraid to show off her favourite get-ups on the 'Gram. From some casual outfits to some fancier looks, Rihanna can really rock anything and her latest share sees her wearing articles of clothing from her latest 9-19 drop that's in the form of a matching grey skirt and hoodie.

The post is a reminder to all Paris fans that a Fenty pop-up is taking place now until October 12th at the city's GL Champs-Elysées.


Paris is the city where Rihanna debuted her luxury collection to the world making is a special location for the singer. "We always just try to push ourselves," Rihanna previously stated about her brand. "We pride ourselves in challenging ourselves to do better and push ourselves further, and how can we get our message across in a more impactful way?"

She added: "Whether it's through fashion, lingerie, music, makeup...we try to get everybody involved and included in our brand."