Rihanna and A$AP Rocky aren't doing a good job of convincing us that they aren't dating. To be fair, our reluctance to believe there isn't anything going on between them may partially stem from the fact that people have been rooting for them to link up for years now. Their bonding over designer goods in Rocky's 2013 music video for "Fashion Killa" first planted the idea that they're a good match. When they walked the red carpet together at the British Fashion Awards last year, this fantasy was further fueled. Most recently, they were seen hitting it off after the Yams Day concert and were rumored to have shared a hotel suite later that evening. Speculation started that RiRi had moved to dating the rapper shortly just after the end of her three-year relationship with Saudi billionaire, Hassan Jameel. However, a source told E! News that Rihanna is "single" and that her and Rocky are just "good friends." 

Now that you're all caught up, you'll understand why Rihanna and Rocky being spotted at the same nightclub on Tuesday morning (Feb. 11) may raise some eyebrows. According to TMZ, the Barbadian babe stepped in to The Nice Guy in West Hollywood just before 1 AM, while the Babushka Boi showed up just after 2 AM. Footage shows Rocky sneaking in the club's entrance with his head down. While he may have been hiding under his hood to avoid the blinding flash of cameras, an alternative explanation is that he was trying to prevent the dating rumors from reigniting. E! News' source did say that Ri's "hanging out" with Rocky and "just having fun", so there is still a possibility that these meetups escalate into something more.