Rico Nasty is ready to follow-up her successful Sugar Trap 2 project with another display of debauchery eponymously-titled Nasty. The DMV-born rapper tweeted out the cover art and a release date for the project: June 15th, almost a week from Today. In the post, which is now pinned to the very top of her feed, Rico Nasty thanks Yung Jake for his art direction on the project. Yung Jake is reknown for his work with Santigold and other artists of a similar "eclectic" persuasion.

The cover for Nasty makes use of superstitious symbols (evil-eye), characterizes her persona which seems always to be at odds with the prevailing social norm, even as she shifts from one mask to the other. The cursive letters spelling out Nasty are slicked together by the wisps of hair breaking out her forehead. Nasty retweeted the fanfare she's been receiving for her edge work.

Other tweets focused solely on the quality of the photography, some looked past the visual component altogether and were simply happy with the prompted release date. Rico has been relentless since her short hiatus from music, teaming up with her manager/beau to deliver a perfect marriage of music and visual art. Keep it peeled for the drop.