Rick Ross Shares Powerful Visual For "Pinned To The Cross" Ft. Finn Matthews

Erika Marie
September 17, 2020 19:23

Protesters take justice into their own hands in this politically-charged music video.

If it were up to Rick Ross, righting the wrongs of injustice would be in the hands of the people. The rap mogul released the powerful music video for his single "Pinned to the Cross" featuring singer Finn Matthews, and the visual struck a chord as it called attention to a controversy that currently plagues the political climate. Artistically, Rick Ross gave a nod to Breonna Taylor, the young woman who was killed at home while in bed after police issued a no-knock warrant on her residence. There has been a call for the officers responsible for the slaying to be held accountable, but it doesn't seem as if the legal system will prosecute.

In the "Pinned to the Cross" visual, Ross shows a team of young, Black militants who storm a police officer's home, pin him to the ground with a knee to the back of his neck a la George Floyd, and light his house on fire. The clip ends with Ross and the destructive crew standing in front of the blazing house as they hold their Black Power fists in the sky. Watch Rozay's latest music video and let us know what you think about the message.

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NEWS Rick Ross Shares Powerful Visual For "Pinned To The Cross" Ft. Finn Matthews