Over eight years have passed since the murder of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old boy who was walking home from the convenience store. His death still pains us to this day and hopefully, our work during this time can end the suffering of tomorrow.

Tracy Martin, the boy's father, was present at a Miami protest this weekend, speaking about the loss of George Floyd and his own son's killing.

Touching on one thing that has not changed in the eight years that Martin has been without his son, he stated that black people still require a "manuscript" on how to go outside without being killed by the police. 


His speech was incredibly powerful and all eyes were on him at the protest. Joining him on stage was rap legend Rick Ross, who also spoke about the current state of social unrest.

"Fuck racism and fuck racism," he said on stage.


The peaceful protest brought out hundreds of people looking for their voices to be heard during the fight to end systemic and institutional racism. 

Rick Ross has been vocal on social media amid all of this, looking for ways to support Black-owned businesses and offering motivational words for anybody struggling during the protests.