There are many ways to show solidarity to the Black community, and while the ongoing protests have provided various means for allies to contribute, the fallout remains equally important. The reality of the situation must be understood -- even after the protests end, the problems will not simply disappear overnight. With a little hope, many lessons can still be learned, and many perspectives altered for the better.

While we have provided a list of resources for those who want to help show support during the protest, what about after? There has already been a growing focus on the importance of Black-owned businesses. Of providing more economic power to those communities, and rewarding the ambitions and initiatives of Black entrepreneurs. There is no shortage of viable options, and though many may be interested in discovering a new shop or restaurant, the process of finding Black-owned businesses can be overwhelming -- especially if you don’t know where to look.

For those who seek to show support for Black-owned businesses, we’ve assembled a list of several notable starting points. Should you know of any such businesses worth highlighting, please share them in the comment section below.

Food & Beverage 

McBride Sisters

"Robin and Andréa created the McBride Sisters Wine Collection to unite their parallel lives and passions. Now the largest African-American-owned wine company in the United States, the collection of wines represents a genuine sense of place. Both the New Zealand and Central Coast of California wines are true expressions of each region’s terroir and the McBride sisters’ signature style; a blend of old-world elegance with new-world finesse."

Partake Foods

"Making allergy-friendly, healthy snacks (from scratch) for my daughter was hard work, but I refused to give up or give in – and Partake Foods was born. Our products are deliciously made for just about everyone - from those with restrictions to those who simply want to eat more healthfully."

BLK & Bold

"Our founders, Pernell & Rod, created BLK & Bold with a desire to make purpose popular. They welcome the obligation to equip young people with tools to live their best lives and overcome familiar unfortunate circumstances by turning a daily ritual, enjoying a cup of coffee & tea, into a means of giving back. BLK & Bold pledges 5% of its profits to initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness."


Shoe Mountain

"Rebuilding of Shoe Mountain after rioters in Tampa, Florida broke in and stole tons of merchandise including shoe, apparel, in-store cash flow and damages to the business location. Proceeds will be used to regenerate new inventory and to fix location damages. Incident occurred on May 30, 2020 in Tampa, Florida."

Nubian Hueman

"Nubian Hueman is a catalyst for culture, community, and the development of the creative economy by connecting the consumer to independent artists from across the world.  We bring popular culture, and fair-trade to a modern brand experience by serving as a means to promote collective interaction, community development, and global responsibility through a fresh and artistic platform."

The Fuzzy Pineapple

"Handmade + customized art, apparel & accessories!"

Royal Jelly 

"Royal Jelly Harlem is an African-inspired clothing and home decorating line founded in February 2011 by mother-daughter duo Teta and Maya Gorgoni. After many trips to West and South Africa, they were inspired by the artistry of the printed fabrics. These fabrics inspired an exciting new line of fashion and home décor that would become Royal Jelly Harlem."

BLK MKT Vintage

"BLK MKT Vintage is a collection comprised of black collectibles, cast-off's and curiosities, representing the richness of black history and lived experience. Curated by founders Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart, the collection includes found items like vintage literature, vinyl records, clothing, art, housewares/decor, furniture and other goods. By centering black cultural artifacts via thoughtful curation and varying modes of accessibility, we’re communicating very explicitly to black folks that 'not only do we see you, but we love you as well. You’re worthy. What you’ve created is worthy. You are important here.'"

Gregory Silvia

"WE ARE GREGORY SYLVIA.  Founded by husband and wife team, Gregory and Terri Sylvia Pope, Gregory Sylvia is a luxury brand of fine handbags and leather goods for the discerning, design-focused consumer. Through innovative design, Gregory Sylvia’s product lines create a sense of timeless appeal. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Gregory Sylvia is one of the luxury leather goods market’s fastest growing brands."


"TELFAR is a unisex line Est in 2005 in NYC by Telfar Clemens and sold internationally. It's not for you — it's for everyone."


"Here at Kahmune we believe that a good nude shoe should come in more than one hue. We’ve set out to ensure that all women have an option when it comes to finding that perfect match. Whether you're one of our melanin supreme® ladies, or your skin is closer to porcelain, rest assured we’ve got you covered."

The Wrap Life 

"The Wrap Life was inspired by West African expressions of head dress. We wear head wraps because they’re beautiful, fun and they allow colorful self-expression."

Fine Print Label

Men's streetwear brand established in 2018 in Albany, New York.

Lyf Supply 

"LYF SUPPLY is a New York based brand that uses apparel, culture and content to spread and reinforce the strong message and power of Self Love. "

It's More Than Music

"It is more than a brand. Brooklyn with a splash of hip-hop."


"We're a company based in Buffalo, NY. We're dedicated to providing optimal service currently in headgear and clothing."

Melanie Marie

"The Melanie Marie Collection is inspired by many aspects of life. The line was designed with the fashionable, contemporary yet classy woman in mind. A Melanie Marie piece will bring out the inner beauty and fashionista in a woman. MM has high fashion products that will unleash a woman’s full potential and make them feel like they are exclusive by having a one of a kind original piece of fashion. Melanie Marie strives to become a successful company while pleasing our loyal customers."

Home Goods

Not Work Related

"Not Work Related is the ceramics company of Sarah Hussaini. Based in Brooklyn, it is a playful approach to household ceramics."

Love Notes Fragrances

"Brooklyn’s own founder, Nya Kam has created her very own handpoured candles that will allow you to take this experience home.  Each candle was made with intergrity-containing an all natural soy wax, cotton-based (lead free)wicks, and unique custom blended fragrances that will contribute to your aroma therapeutic needs."\

Love Cortniee

"I wanted a clutch that was unique, large in size and lined with something fun. Statement making to be exact. Well, my grandmother was more than happy to teach me. She even took me to a local fabric store where I picked out some fabrics, printed linings and matching zippers. It took me over 3 hours to make my very first clutch. It was definitely a learning process, but I enjoyed it."

Expedition Subsahara

"We are Expedition Subsahara and we translate handmade goods into girls education. Our products are authentically made by African artisans (myself included), and no matter where you display or wear them, you’re creating a better, more connected world. Thank you for being a part of our tribe!"

Black Pepper Paperie

Black Pepper Paperie Co. is a Washington, DC-based mix-media art + design studio and lifestyle brand. BPPCo. focuses on creating globally-inspired, one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces that include wearable ceramic art, home decor, paper goods, and apparel. These ancestral modern pieces are rooted in memory and cultural influences from across the African diaspora.

Skin Care

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar believes everyone is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. So we create inclusive imagery and a dynamic assortment of products no matter your complexion, age, or skin type. Welcome to The Lip Bar, where you are enough!


"An independent, Brooklyn-born brand centered in making superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty. Our products are always natural, easy, and (most importantly) fun."

Home Cleaning Products

Pur Home

"PUR Home is a natural, non-toxic Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent and Household Cleaners product line. We select organic and raw ingredients that are plant-based, biodegradable and low toxic."