It looks like Rick Ross is facing another lawsuit from hip-hop photographer Armen Djerrahian. If you remember last year (in May to be exact), Rozay was sued by Armen for using photographs that he’d taken without his permission, and now apparently the same thing happened in Rozay’s latest music video.

TMZ is reporting that Armen Djerrahian is suing Rick Ross for using a photo of Jay Z that he took of him back in 2003 in his latest video for “Movin Bass” featuring Hov. The photo is a rather famous pic of Hov throwing up the Roc-a-fella sign with his hands, but it only appears in the video for literally like half a second.

Djerrahian says the shot popped up in Rozay’s new video, which it does, and he wants ALL the profits they made off using the Jay Z image, and a court order to block them from further use. According to Djerrahian's lawsuit, he was never contacted about the photograph's use and was not credited in any way. Thus, the lawsuit.

Watch the brief video below and check out the momentary flash of the photo. Do you think that deserves a lawsuit? (We’ll keep updated on this story)