When you get sued as often as Rich The Kid, you know there's probably something a little sketchy about the way you run business.

It feels like, every other month, a new lawsuit is filed against Rich The Kid. The Atlanta-via-New York rapper's most recent issue comes via Fashion Nova, who he has been working with as a brand ambassador for years.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

According to a report from TMZ, Rich is being sued because he promised to promote Fashion Nova in one of his songs, taking a bag from them and never following through on his end of the deal. 

The clothing brand claims that they gave Rich a $100,000 advance to shout them out in a song back in October 2018. Contractually, he would have had to come through before December 2018. However, he allegedly failed to do so and the company wants their money back.

Fashion Nova is suing him for breach of contract and making false promises. They claim that the situation has resulted in a $2.1 million loss for the company.

On Instagram Stories, RTK responded to the situation, writing: "Sh*t is crazy mothaf*ckas tryna sue a n***a left and right."

This is the second legal mishap for Rich this month as, at the beginning of October, he was ordered to pay his former managers $1.1 million in regards to another lawsuit.