Rich The Kid has made it a point throughout his career to be his own boss. The artist has bet on himself and in the end, it has paid off dividends as his career continues to flourish thanks to some hit songs and features with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. While this may be the case, Rich certainly runs into problems from time to time, which is normal for any human being.

Recently, Rich The Kid was on a flight, although he ended up being kicked off the plane as he allegedly smelled like weed. While the attitudes around weed have changed over the years, there are still various companies with anti-weed policies, including the airline Rich was using. In the clip below, the artist denies smoking weed and even accuses the airline of racial discrimination.

The entire interaction was documented on IG Live and you can see the workers defending themselves as they say race has nothing to do with it. Despite their claims, Rich The Kid was adamant that something nefarious was happening and continued to film the situation.

Hopefully, Rich was able to find another airline that would take him on such short notice.

Rich The Kid

Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images