Well, there go Rich The Kid's chances at landing a Rihanna feature on his next album. The recording artist gave the perfect reply for somebody who wasn't down to spend the night in the dog house. Of course, Rich could have ignored the message and stayed in the clear. Making an important decision to put over his girlfriend as the best-looking woman on the planet, Rich The Kid placed her on a pedestal, saying that he believes she is way finer than everybody's dream girl, Rihanna.

We can't blame him either as he spends most of his time with Tori these days. When a fan tweeted that Tori Brixx was the finest woman walking on the planet other than RiRi, Rich saw the need to correct him, responding that his girlfriend was way hotter than the Bajan princess. "Nah Tori way finer than Rihanna 😍😒," wrote the Rich Forever frontman. With all that's happened between them after she was widely accused of setting up the home invasion that left Rich in the hospital, it's great to see that love is still in the air for these two.

With Rich's divorce proceedings dragging, Tori was one of the women that the rapper's estranged wife accused him of cheating with in the days leading to their break-up. Rich and Tori have been through a lot and have stuck with each other throughout. Hopefully, their bond is genuine and neither side is taking advantage of the other, as it was hinted.