It only seems appropriate that Wiz would treat us to some of his new sounds, giving us a taste of what to expect on O.N.I.F.C. Full of chilled out, smoking vibes and plenty of party anthems, Cabin Fever 2 resembles a chilled bottle of Bombay Sapphire that sprouted legs and just walked out of the champagne room with a joint in hand. With great features from Problem, French Montana and the born-again Juicy J, this mixtape packs quite a punch.

Starting off with “Bout Me,” which is accompanied by a great hook from Problem, Wiz goes in and immediately expounds on the fact that he is paid now. Spending “a hundred thousand dollars cash on a bad day” and still smoking “pre rolls”until his eyes fall out, Wiz is clearly enjoying his fame and glory. IAMSU! caps off the first track nicely with a sick verse.

Continuing with “the top off, going full speed”, the next track up is “Fucc Shit” where Wiz laments over his past life and where he is now. It almost feels as though we are sitting in the V.I.P. with Wiz, smoking “that Grade A honor roll”. As he said, he’s spending $50,000 on alcohol, so lets keep the party going.

The mixtape then continues with the world wide anthem “MIA” which is the first of four Juicy J features. Although from Pittsburgh, that won’t stop Wiz from travelling overseas and chilling out in L.A. Juicy J seems to agree with that, making the bands dance, travelling and smashing clubs everywhere.

The next track “Pacc Talk,” which also features Juicy J and Problem, sounds like it was recorded during an after party while Wiz was chilling out on a penthouse balcony. Sitting on the top of the world, Wiz “doesn’t really have to talk much”, but says just enough to give us an idea about his state of mind and then lets the pack take on the rest of the endeavor.

Ridin' Round” takes us back to the 60’s momentarily which transitions into a nicely sampled track. Once again, Wiz and Juicy J make sure we know about their riches, especially their cars. This definitely feels like one of those “ride around and smoke” tracks. Make sure you keep those windows up though, sunroof open. Thank me later.

Wiz takes us back to the club with “Smokin Drinkin” and “100 Bottles” where they continue with their party attitude. Mixed in is the smooth track “Deep Sleep” which is a great track for one of those rainy, do nothing sort of days. Just chillax, light something up and vibe with it.

Not to be outdone by the first half of the mixtape, Wiz keeps some of the savory good nuggets for the backend of Cabin Fever 2. “Thuggin” which features Chevy Woods and Lavish goes absolutely stupid. The beat is crazy, the attitude is crunk, Chevy goes off and that hook just makes you want to throw a fist in the air and go Planters like Mr. Peanut.

However, Wiz isn’t quite done there with his surprises. Love him or hate him, French Montana heads up the Hudson to collaborate with this Pitt native. It seems like the entire album led up to this final song which really adds the “ummph” to the mixtape. French delivers a classic Coke Boys hook as Wiz accompanies him with his patented “smokers flow”. French then proceeds to drop a sick verse, cementing all the big money talk that had been going on already. If the mixtape needed a couple more fur coats, Montana definitely supplies the extra Chinchillas to do so.

All in all, this is a great party mixtape to bump until O.N.I.F.C drops December 4. If you’re a party pooper, it's can double as a mixtape to chill out to while you and Mary-Jane have some quality time together. Definitely give this one a few spins and be on the lookout for some new leaks that should be dropping in the upcoming month prior to his album release.

Listen and/or download Cabin Fever 2 below.