Fans have been anticipating Tyga's debut YMCMB album “Careless World: Rise Of The Last King” for awhile. It experienced several delays, and almost didn't make it on store shelves because of an uncleared sample. Whatever delays may have affected the album, it's out now and it's still doing numbers, although lower than expected (around 64k, instead of the projected 70-80k), probably because of its delay on hitting retail stores.

Tyga's album does exactly what it should, it shows Tyga's growth as an artist, it shows diversity not only in beats but in lyrics. Sometimes we hear a mixtape and think that it's album-quality, but for Tyga his mixtapes were simply warming us up, as they should.

Tyga's album starts off strong with the title track “Careless World,” definitely one of the best tracks off the album. It breaks down half-way through but keeps the same feeling. “Careless World” moves smoothly into another favourite, “Lil Homie,” which has a jazz-inspired beat that is filled with horns, and features Pharrell on the hook.

For those worried that Tyga's album would be filled with “Rack City” beats and lyrics, it's not. T-raw shows that his voice can work well over a variety of different beats, not only the simplistic, “Rack City” kind. We get the usual money, cars and bitches talk, but we also get some emotional content from the rapper. On “Do It All,” we hear some vulnerability from Tyga, taking a page from Drake, as Tyga spits, “wonderin', who she with, maybe should I call (don't be desperate man), this ain't no tag-your-it, hide-n-seek shit, reality just kicked in, I lost one, and now she's winnin'.”

For the most part Tyga's features work well with him. J. Cole kind of overshadows him on “Let It Show,” just because of Cole's adeptness with words, but Tyga still holds his own. The T-Pain feature on “Celebration,” is annoying and that's one song I could do without. Of course, there's the Wale & Nas featured “Kings And Queens,” but I think that track was hyped up and left me slightly disappointed.

Tyga ventures into the new-sounding rap realm with his album, and he does it well. He has some radio-friendly tracks (“For The Fame” Feat. Chris Brown & Wynter Gordon), some bangers (“Potty Mouth” Feat. Busta Rhymes), and some smooth jams (“This Is Like” Feat. Robin Thicke). He shows a lot of growth since his mixtape days, let's hope he continues down this path. If you haven't copped it yet, head to iTunes.