This tape has been something that Pro Era fans have no doubt been waiting patiently for after their last releases were back in 2012. The Secc$ Tap.e 2 does nothing but feed the hunger of fans and add to the weight that has fallen onto the crew’s shoulders as it proves that the Beast Coast Movement is in full force.

A fitting project for a Valentine’s Day release, although young, Pro Era have had no qualms in delivering music orientated with sex, females and “love”. From the overall feel of the seven tracks, Joey Bada$$ proves that he is right when he tells us the, “Age ain’t nothing but a digit” on “Pantie Raid Pt. II”. Dessy Hinds also shows his power with women as he makes them moan on “Chocolate Strawberries”, which works as a solid opener for the tape.

Kirk Knight even gets deep talking about not trusting his love interest on “Pussy Facx” despite the fact that he more than enjoys the sex,“You my type a bitch/I don't trust you that much/You be suckin' niggas off/But you my type a bitch”. Considering how young the collective crew is, these tracks show nothing but maturity tackling these love situations well with the right amount of flavor but without coming off too soft.

The content is not the only aspect that shows growth from the crew. Pro Era remind us how solid their spit game is (in case you forgot), by proving that talent exists whole-heartedly throughout this collective. Whilst certain Pro Era members such as Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight may have become household names in rap, this tape also showcases the skills of others who haven’t had so much limelight. Dirty Sanchez on “Give Her A Call” gives us some impressive bars on this smooth track. The only female of Pro Era, T’Nah Apex also brings forward a soothing, soulful voice on Nyck Caution’s “Far” as she adds varying layers to the crew's sound.

What has definitely begun to set this crew apart is their ability to produce. Pro Era did make the decision to use some tried and tested producers on the tape such as Navi D who makes “Sol Luna” distinctively an East Coast sounding track. However, Kirk Knight’s production of his own “Pussy Facx” and Caution’s “Far” is pretty impeccable. Knight's skills makes these joints easy on the ears. This tape certainly demonstrates the all-round talent of this crew.

Seven tracks here does not seem like enough on this tape, and we are left feeling this way only because the quality of the project leaves you wanting even more music from Pro Era. The crew delivers a sound which is complete with memorable hooks and imaginative bars. The work on this tape is wildly impressive considering we are only in the beginning of Pro Era’s rise in hip hop.