Since confirming her long-rumored pregnancy during a performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, Cardi B has been on the receiving end of plenty of congratulations from fans and peers alike. Remy Ma recently added her public salutation to the fellow Bronx emcee when she reposted a video of Cardi B backstage at SNL as she stood in the presence of a sea of applause, exclaiming "I'm finally free!"

"I just woke up at 2:45am and saw this video; I’m crying real tears- happy tears," she started. "For so many years they made us (women) feel like we had to pretend to be single, pretend to not have a real life, and put our lives on hold to 'entertain' the masses. Meanwhile, you feel trapped in your own body, a prisoner to your career, and so unhappy when you supposed to be having the time of your life. @IAmCardiB I am so happy you are free too💋#QueenSh*t #CongratulationsOnEVERYTHING."

Remy’s personal message certainly hit’s home as her own marriage and relationship with rapper Papoose has also been put in the public eye especially after the couple’s decision to make public the miscarriage that Remy suffered during the last season of Love & Hip-Hop: New York after being diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, meaning that her fetus was growing inside of her fallopian tubes and could not survive.

Back in December, however, Rem and Pap found themselves inundated in a newfound whirlwind of pregnancy rumors.