Remy Ma caught some heat for an opinion she expressed during an episode of State Of The Culture. The artist had affirmed her being fine with non-Black people using the n-word. Her statement upset a lot of fans, including one social media user who prompted a direct response from Remy.

A fan, who claims to be part of the #blacklove movement Remy encourages, voiced their disappointment with her stance. Remy responded with a clarification of the concerns that led to her controversial opinion. Her priorities don't lie in semantics.

"We have way more important pressing issues to tackle. I don't want to nor would I promote my people to attempt to 'own' a word or try to stop certain people from using a word that has caused so much pain & oppression, a word that NOBODY should be using, regardless of the color of their skin."

While she seems to be back-tracking from her initial expression, Remy Ma goes on to reveal what she actually does care about in terms of the Black community's well-being.

"I try to tell them to own property/real estate, life insurance, health insurance, degrees, etc."

Then she equates people's desire to reclaim an oppressive term with the actual oppression that led to that same desire. Remy compares examples of the implementation of Jim Crow laws to the concept of restricting the use of the American racial slur.