YFN Lucci has been fielding suggestions from fans on how to better promote his most recent album Ray Ray From Summerhill. He decided to take several of his fans' advice by changing his avatar and header on Twitter to the album cover while pinning a tweet of his album announcement to the top of his page. While he has not commented on if his streams have improved, the overall reception of the musical content has been impressive. Offering a refreshing change from what we have become used to in the era of "mumble rap," Lucci continues to grow among ATL's stacked roster of talent.

Having recently publicized his relationship with Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter, the "Everyday We Lit" rapper may eventually receive advice from the legend Wayne himself. In the meantime, his girlfriend Reginae is backing him up on Twitter, supporting the content of Ray Ray From Summerhill in response to a fan who says his brand of rap is too "real" for the kids. Nae responded by quoting the tweet and adding, "All they wanna listen to is a nice beat and a catchy hook." While Reginae is still a teenager herself, being raised under Weezy must have given her a harsh ear for authentic rap.

Although album sales have not been what YFN Lucci expected, he has admitted that his promotional tactics were not necessarily up to par. Check out the tweets below and chime in on how Lucci can improve his promotion for the album.