Regina King is an irrefutable powerhouse. The actress and director has brought a number of roles to life including Dana in the film Friday, Latrice Butler in Seven Seconds, as well as Huey and Riley in The Boondocks. Her performances have garnered her countless awards and critical acclaim, and her career continues to inspire other young actors. During her sit down interview with BuzzFeed News' Profile, the actress revealed that her journey has been full of hardship, hardships that have made her learn, and grow. Speaking to the show's host Audie Cornish, the actress addressed her role in  If Beale Street Could Talk, and gave viewers some insight into what it takes to succeed in Hollywood.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Some of the first characteristics King mentioned were integral were “honesty” and the will to “never [give] up.” She went on to reveal why it was so important advising, “Because you will hit a time where you're hearing ‘no’ more than you're hearing ‘yes,’” King said on BuzzFeed News’ Profile. “And you just can't let that ‘no’ shut you down. You can't give up. I mean, like I said: I'm finally playing a superhero and I'll be 48 in a couple of months.”

Sound advice indeed.