Hip hop fans know that Redman and Eminem have nothing but mutual respect for one another. The two previously collaborated on the wild track "Off The Wall" and the ominous Em produced Redman cut "I See Dead People," and both rappers have repeatedly cited the other as a personal favorite. In fact, on Em's "Till I Collapse," Redman was named as his number one favorite rapper of all time. Suffice it to say, it's all love between Reggie Noble and Slim, so it's no wonder that Redman gave Em a birthday call with the intention of catching up. As it happens, they pair of them seemed to have discussed Em's recent BET Cypher, in which Eminem put Donald Trump on blast.

While many in the hip-hop community were quick to applaud Em's performance, many criticized the off-kilter acapella delivery, with some like Vince Staples going so far as to call it "trash." However, Redman had a passionate message for the haters, which he delivered in a video interview. And while Doc didn't name any names, he certainly laid into the internet critics out there, complete with a high-pitched impression - "ohhh, his flow was not right, and ohh, he didn't have his shoestring tied up...fuck all that bullshit! He stood up for injustice."

Redman made it clear that he respected Em's need to make a statement on a personal level. "He talks to state things, not just to be talking shit," said Redman. "Eminem could have went out there and blacked out there on rhymes, with flows and kill shit, but he felt as a person of his color...of his color, to represent us on BET with a rhyme addressing the president...He's not black, he's white, we all know that, but he has power. And he used his power on that BET cypher to make a statement for us."

Redman's passion is evident as he continues, stating "He didn't have to do it. There's not even many of us that wouldn't ever step out the box and do what he did and take that opportunity to use that platform on the BET Cypher to make a motherfuckin' statement." There's plenty more where that came from, so be sure to check out the full video below.