Ray J came through The Breakfast Club to close off the latest season of interviews. As it turns out, Ray J was the program's very first interview guest, so the crew was happy for the full-circle moment. Since they all go way back, the hosts asked the entertainer about his new projects, including a joint album with his sister Brandy, as well as his life as a family man. 

Charlamagne shook things up by bringing up Kim Kardashian and insinuating that Ray J keeps bringing up his ex. Ray shot him down pretty quickly. "I never did that. I never brought up nothing. I'm done with that. My wife would kick my ass."

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

"I got no time for that kind of stuff," Ray said. "I gotta keep it trilly You gon' have me sleeping on the couch for a week." He continues, stating his focus on family. "I got a wife, I got a baby [...] Why would I even go there."

Ray also spoke of Brandy's upcoming project. Apparently, the little brother has "one song on the album" which might snowball into a forthcoming full-length collaboration.

"That's big sis though, so I listen more than I try to give out the most ideas. I got Ideas but I let her craft most."