Most of R. Kelly's friends, peers and associates have distanced themselves from the embattled singer in wake of Surviving R. Kelly. Despite that, his two girlfriends -- who've been rumored to be his sex slaves -- have stood by his side throughout the whole ordeal. They've denied that R. Kelly's ever abused them and has done anything wrong. They've even shown up to court to support him on numerous occasions.

Even though Kellz was behind bars for Labor Day Weekend, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage made sure to at least have a bit of fun before the summer ended. Fox News' Matt Finn spotted Clary and Savage riding around the city of Chicago in a Vanderhall Venice 3-wheeler. Finn's video showed the two ridings down Michigan Ave as Clary rides the whip. At one point, Clary's seen glancing over at Joycelyn's phone before riding out.

The two were spotted on their little cruise through the city just a day after reports emerged claiming that Joycelyn Savage and Clary have been putting in a ton of work to help raise legal funds for the singer. Well, we all know that, despite having multi-platinum records to his name, R. Kelly is broke. As he attempts to win his federal case, his girlfriends have been working relentlessly to scour money so Kelly can hire Tom Mesereau -- the lawyer who famously got Michael Jackson acquitted of child molestation charges.