The saga of R. Kelly continues with new twists and turns at every corner. One of his girlfriends, Azriel Clary, who's been riding with Kelly in the past few years since allegations of kidnapping came to light. Although she's denied that Kelly has been a monster towards her in any sort of fashion, she did recently bounce out of his Trump Tower condo where she was living with Joycelyn Savage, Kelly's other girlfriend.

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

She took to Twitter where she broke her silence on any sort of speculation surrounding her. As usual, she asserts that she's in control of her own narrative and she doesn't feel obliged to speak on anything if she doesn't want to. Before that, she opened up via Snapchat, a post she later shared on Twitter, vaguely detailing her struggles. "I struggle just as much if not more then any other person. But I am so thankful for that struggle because I know God is adding character to me," she wrote. "NO one is perfect, I am human too... love does not cost anything yet it's never shown enough.

"If you think I created social media to publicize my private life your sadly mistaken. If I choose to share, say or not say anything that is 100% my choice whether now or in the future. Love me or hate me I’m not here to appease you, nor am I your gossip outlet. #loveme4me," she wrote on Twitter.

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