R. Kelly sat behind bars for three days after he turned himself in for 10 counts of sexual abuse. With bond at $1M, a mystery woman came through with a $100K to get him out of jail. The woman, Valencia Love, was later hit with a subpoena by the landlord of R. Kelly's former recording studio who's suing the singer over unpaid rent. However, she won't have to face any questioning in the case as a judge has dismissed her.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Kelly's former landlord won a $173K judgment that the singer had to pay up for unpaid rent but after trying to collect for several months, they were forced to subpoena Sony Music, ASCAP, and multiple banks where Kelly held accounts. He also subpoenaed Love in order to question whether she was holding on to any of Kelly's assets since she bailed him out of jail in February. She simply said, “It was his own money. I just posted bail for him," further explaining that he's simply a good friend. 

She was dismissed from the case after the landlord collected $154 from the Bank Of America as well as another $50K from Sony Music and settled the debt in its entirety. As previously reported, the seizure from his WinTrust Bank account left him in overdraft with a total balance of negative $13.