R. Kelly is dealing with a lot of problems these days. The singer's been under fire for allegations of sexual abuse which ultimately led to a formal indictment. However, it's his financial situation that seems to be an equally heavy burden on the singer's shoulders. According to the Blast, one of his bank accounts is currently sitting in the negatives.

Amid the controversy surrounding Surviving R. Kelly, the singer also had to deal with a massive debt he owed his landlord. Kells had $150K seized from his account, which, according to documents, left his account with Wintrust at negative $13.

Kelly did have two other accounts with Bank Of America -- one which held $44,595.58 as well as another that held $110,056.64. However, the majority of the $154,527.22 he had remaining in his bank accounts were seized as well, leaving him with $625.

Additionally, ASCAP claims that don't owe Kelly any money either.

R. Kelly was sued earlier this year by the landlord of his recording studio in Chicago over owing back rent. The landlord landed a $173k judgment but he's been having trouble collecting the money that's owed to him from Kells. They've already sent subpoenas to Sony Music, ASCAP and multiple banks where Kelly held accounts.

Although the landlord collected the money from Kells Bank of America account but now, they're asking the judge to order Sony to release another $50K to settle the debt.