One of the craziest stories this year has surrounded R. Kelly as he's being accused by a handful of girls and women of sexual abuse. Many have spoken out about what R. Kelly has allegedly done to them and the most recent development in the wild story has to do with one of his accuser's parents creating a new hotline for women who have had similarly terrifying experiences with the singer.

The other day, it was reported that R. Kelly's lawyer wants to drop him in a case related to breaking up a man's marriage. Considering all of the drama surrounding Kellz, it's no surprise that his lawyer wants out but it's extremely telling for what may be to come in the case. In an unrelated case, Joycelyn Savage and her parents have been very outspoken during this entire "sex cult" chatter. The newest update in their situation involves a new hotline that anybody who has experienced violence at the hands of R. Kelly can call.

According to Vibe, the hotline was set up after the Savages were contacted by over 80 women or their parents claiming that they have also unwillingly had sexual or violent interactions with R. Kelly. Savage's mother has reportedly been screening messages left on the hotline to filter out prank calls. For more information on the hotline, peep the Instagram post below.