R. Kelly may have been accused of some horrible things, and he may earn a life sentence in prison when he finally goes on trial, but he's still making more money than the average American.

The disgraced singer has been fighting for his early release from prison during the COVID-19 pandemic, citing the fact that he is at risk because of his age. However, he has been determined a flight risk and his motion was denied. In the latest development regarding R. Kelly, his approximate income so far this year has been revealed and, surprisingly enough, he's still making more than you and me.

Almost one year ago to the day, R. Kelly was left with negative $13 in his bank account after trying to secure funds to be released on bond. According to a new report by Bossip, the singer is back in the positives financially, raking in a whopping $200,000 in the four months starting this year.

R. Kelly
Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

His financial standing actually played a part in the reason why he was not let out of prison, with prosecutors arguing that he actually has the means to skip town and since he's already a flight risk, they just won't take that chance.

It was revealed this week that the 53-year-old's trial in New York for sex trafficking and racketeering has been delayed until September.

We will continue to keep you posted on any new developments.