R. Kelly was denied his early release from prison last week after prosecutors argued that he had already made $200,000 in royalties this year alone, which gives him enough money to flee from the justice system. The disgraced singer has been fighting for weeks, attempting to be granted an early release due to his fears of contracting the coronavirus. Now, he and his legal defense are using his tax situation to hammer home the fact that he's not going anywhere, even if he's allowed to go home.

According to new court documents filed by R. Kelly's defense team, the singer owes $1,878,737.43 in taxes to the IRS. His lawyers are using back-taxes as leverage in their case to get him out of prison. 

R. Kelly
Mike Pont/Getty Images

Combatting his prosecutors, Kelly's defense says that because of his massive tax lien, the singer doesn't even have access to the $200,000 he has earned in royalties. They argue that any money he does make can be seized by the feds, also citing the fact that he did not attempt to flee when the police were building a case against him.

R. Kelly has already been denied an early release. This is his second attempt. Do you think he'll get out?