Did you miss the Pulp Fiction reference in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Samuel L. Jackson stars in both films, and he is the connection between the MCU and the Quentin Tarantino classic. How so? Well, back in Winter Soldier, Nick Fury is forced to fake his own death. When Captain America and Falcon visit his grave,  the Bible passage Ezekiel 25:17 is etched on the tombstone. The famous Bible quote goes, "The path of the righteous man..." If that sounds familiar, it's because it's the speech Jackson's character Jules Winnfield uses in Pulp Fiction before killing his opponents. 

Winter Soldier directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed to SlashFilm that they struggled to figure out what should be on Fury's tombstone. Joe believes it was their visual effects supervisor Dan Deleeuw that came up with the idea. "I think it was," Russo stated. "But again, you know, we’re always because we’re geeks and we love that kind of stuff, when we make movies, we’re always trying to put it in the movies, our movies for other people, our TV shows. So it’s better to put something in there that is a wink and a smile and excites people than just something bland, you know?"

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Quentin Tarantino comments on the universe sharing moment. "I knew it was coming because I ended up watching Sam Jackson on the Jimmy Fallon show, and Jimmy Fallon mentioned it," Tarantino stated on the topic of Fury's tombstone. "Well, the fact that I grew up with Marvel comic books, and you know, the Marvel universe, before it was a cinematic universe. When it was just basically Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Roy Thomas's web-spinning...enough said."