The plot thickens in the latest round of Quality Control versus Joe Budden. This is a saga that kicked into high gear following that fateful encounter with the baby bro of the Atlanta family, Lil Yachty, on the Everyday Struggle set earlier this year.  

Joe Budden went on to add a faceoff that almost turned physical when Everyday Struggle hit the BET Awards to interview Migos under his belt, and the shots haven't stopped since.  

When Quality Control dropped off their compilation effort "Control the Streets, Vol.1," one of the cuts to stand out from the pack was that Quavo and Lil Boat collaboration "Ice Tray," catching ears, in particular, for a line in which Quavo utters "Ice tray, young n*gga flooded / If a ni*gga hatin’, call him Joe Budden.” 

Sunday, Quavo and the official Migos' Instagram account debuted what seems to be the first in a stream of promotion, showcasing the official artwork for "Ice Tray" in which we get Joe Budden's likeness rocking a host of chains native to the necks of Yachty and Migos while sporting tattoos in dedication to Migos, Boat, and Quality Control. 


Nonetheless, Joe Budden continues to lend his shady support of the diss, commenting some flames under Quavo's post. Previously, he reposted the photo taken of a fake Everyday Struggle cast recruited by QC for the "Ice Tray" music video.  

Naturally, a passive aggressive approach from Budden in this situation isn't too far from the norm and only further adds comedy to the mix. Stay tuned for the arrival of that "Ice Tray" clip.