There's speed rapping, and then there's this.

According to a new interview video clip tweeted out by Billboard, DJ Khaled revealed one astonishing fact about Quavo's verse on "I'm The One," his monumental hit that has become the song of the summer.

"Migos came through, I played it for Quavo, he was like, 'this is crazy,'" said Khaled. "The man really took five minutes—five minutes listening to the beat—and then he went into the booth and just knocked the verse out." That is mighty impressive. To be sure, no one's going to mistake his verse on Khaled's track for any deep-thought slice of hip-hop poetry, but nonetheless, the Migos member deserves some props for that sort of off-the-cuff skill.

You can view the entire video and delve into some more "I'm The One" nuggets below.