On Thursday, Pusha T gave us a small taste of his upcoming album My Name Is My Name, when he released a Kanye West/ Don Cannon- produced record "Numbers On Boards". In a recent interview with MTV, Push spoke about the track and how it got released.

Stopping by MTV to help promote his tour with Fabolous, Pusha T spoke on his track "Numbers On The Boards". Pusha went on to say that the release came from inspiration and friendly competition, following Jay-Z's release "Open Letter" earlier on Thursday. Besides being very spontaneous, Pusha talked about how the track even got released.

"Ye just called me and said man, I'm gonna send you this record. I'mma put it out in 15 minutes". Pusha then asked if he called the label and got permission to drop it, Kanye replied "No, I didn't call them and I'm putting it out in 15 minutes.".  

Pusha also added that he recorded the track about a week or two ago. 

Watch the full interview below. [Via]

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