Pusha T has always valued his street cred. From the early days of Clipse, Malice and Push's primary topic was always their drug-dealing pasts, and unlike his brother, Pusha has maintained that approach. In fact, the Virginia rapper has been more vocal than ever in targeting peers he sees as less-than-genuine, something he elaborated on in a recent interview with Noisey.

"At this stage in my life, my patience and my tolerance are at an all-time low," Push said of his growing opposition to falsities in rap. "I have no room for voluntary lies. My whole life is surrounded around business. Anything that is untrue essentially jeopardizes my business and my take on it. I run into it all the time, lies and liars, constantly in this profession...I'm a very straightforward person."

The My Name Is My Name rapper spoke of his dedication to the truth. "It's always been instilled in me to talk straight," he said. "That's just all I'm about right now. Speaking truthfully is just the only way to go. And it's always gonna be the easiest way to go. You shouldn't worry about how people are gonna take things. Just tell them the truth. That's their job to deal with it." 

Watch the full interview below.