Consequence had a lot to say about Kanye and his G.O.O.D. music family in an interview a couple of weeks ago. While the majority of the G.O.O.D. team have remained silent on the matter, Pusha T took a shot at Cons through a comical "Confucius Says" tweet. He sat down for an interview today and discussed Consequence and his claims further.

On the subject of what he would say to Cons, Pusha playfully responded "I wouldn't say sh*t to him. I wouldn't talk to a guy like him. Are you crazy?"

In response to Consequence's claims that Pusha stole his style, Push was fairly dismissive."What style? Who the F*ck is he? What style is it? Just tell me the style" he said. "I don't remember the memorable style, I don't remember nothin'", he said, keeping a decidedly lighthearted tone.

While Pusha likes to respond to Consequence for fun, he maintains that the core of the issue lies with Kanye, and the team just gets caught in the crossfire."For real, I think people will have real issues with Ye, and it bleeds over into us.” he said. "That's why I have fun with the [tweets], it's one of the situations where I don't have real issues, I don't know people like that", revealing that the few times he's met Cons, it has “always been on a good, cool note".

Push still feels someone has to deal with the haters, saying, "but you know they get out of line, they say what they say", and in reference to his tweet says "I think that's an understandable statement."

View the full interview as well as Pusha's tweet below.