Prosecutors recommend Anthony "Harv" Ellison, who was convicted of kidnapping 6ix9ine in July 2018, serve 30 years to life in prison. Complex obtained a nine-page letter detailing the recommendation of the protection, Wednesday, ahead of Ellison's sentencing.

6ix9ine, Kidnapper, SentencingBennett Raglin / Getty Images

"Ellison’s willingness to permanently alter the visage of another, not because the victim was Ellison’s rival, but simply because the victim affiliated with Ellison’s rivals, evinces a callousness and depravity that goes beyond the pale, even in the context of gang violence," the prosecutors wrote in their filing.

The letter claims that Ellison is "the most culpable defendant convicted in this case," and a "high-ranking member" of a "violent gang" who "was committed to the gang life, proud to be a member of Nine Trey, and willing to do whatever was necessary to protect the reputation of the gang."

The prosecution references multiple criminal incidents from his past, including a slashing that Ellison was convicted of in 2018, his assault on Trippie Redd in a New York City hotel from November 2017, and his participation in fights at a Los Angeles airport in February 2018 and during Yams Day 2018. 

The prosecutions recommendation follows a recommendation from Ellison's own lawyers, last month.

Ellison's sentencing will be held on Sept. 24.