Real Name
Zacari Moses Pacaldo I
Date of Birth
Apr. 8, 1994 - Age 30
Bakersfield, California
92.3 Real Street Festival

Artist Bio

Zacari Pacaldo, known to his fans as Zacari, is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Bakersfield, California. Born on May 17, 1994, Zacari's unique blend of soulful melodies and intimate lyrics has made him a standout artist. A series of unique experiences have marked his journey to stardom. They have significantly influenced his sound and style.

Early Life

Zacari's love for music started at a young age. His parents, both musicians, fostered his natural talent and passion for the arts. He was exposed to a wide range of music genres, from folk and country to R&B and hip-hop, which all play a part in his eclectic sound today. Zacari also attended a performing arts high school where he honed his singing and songwriting skills, a critical stage in his artistic development.

Zacari: Working On A fishing boat

In his early years, Zacari's music journey took him to Alaska, where he worked in a commercial fishing boat to fund his music career. This experience shaped his work ethic and deeply influenced his music, adding a unique texture to his storytelling. Following this, Zacari stayed in Alaska and worked at a park for several years before continuing his music endeavors.

Zacari's Big Break

Zacari's big break came in 2016 when he was featured on the track "LOVE." by Kendrick Lamar. His soulful vocals on this hit track caught listeners' attention worldwide and led to his signing with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), one of the most prestigious labels in hip-hop. Working with TDE has further allowed Zacari to collaborate with other prominent artists, including Isaiah Rashad and Ab-Soul.

Debut EP

In 2019, Zacari released his debut EP, Run Wild Run Free, which showcased his incredible range as an artist. From the ethereal soundscapes of "Midas Touch" to the introspective lyrics of "Don't Trip," Zacari proved himself to be a versatile and captivating artist. His music has also been praised for its ability to transcend genres, combining elements of R&B, hip-hop, and pop in a style that's uniquely his own.

Despite his success, the California singer remains grounded and connected to his roots. He's known for his humility and dedication to his craft, which endear him to fans and fellow musicians alike. Zacari continually evolves, seeking new ways to express his thoughts and emotions through his music.


As of 2023, the singer continues to make waves in the music industry. He captivates audiences with his unique sound and profound lyricism. His commitment to authenticity in his music and his willingness to share his journey make him a truly unique figure in today's music scene. Zacari's story is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and creativity, inspiring upcoming artists and music lovers worldwide.

Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates on Zacari's music as we continue to follow his journey in hip-hop and beyond. His future projects promise to be as captivating and innovative as his past work. We can't wait to see what he has for us next.