Zacari & Lil Yachty Take It Back To The 80s On "Young & Invincible"

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A couple of 90s babies take it back to the eighties.

The eighties synthwave aesthetic has become a popular sound, especially in today's day and age. Now, with Zacari's Run Wild Run Free marking his TDE debut, the young singer has teamed up with Lil Yachty for an admirable homage to a simpler time. Off the bat, the track conjures up a nostalgic, schoolyard vibe, blending playful synthesizers with the chatter of a summer recess. Zacari delivers an inspirational chorus of youth-motivation, reflecting on the shallow fun of youth: loud music, reckless spending, and carefree love.

"Who are you to tell me if I'm living wrong or right?" sings a vocoder-heavy Zacari, before Lil Yachty is paged to the principal's office. He proceeds to revisit a style previously explored on Teenage Emotions, to a more polished overall result. "They try to push college but diplomas ain't the principle," he croons, before ending his verse with a "fuck Trump, get rich." Check out the song now, evocative of the Stranger Things soundtrack in its whimsy. Did you check out Zacari's TDE debut yet?

Quotable Lyrics

PJs in the sky
We'll no longer down 'cause we're fly
Got rich without a tie
Don't listen to the rules, we're young and invincible
Young and invincible
I'd probably be broke if I was listening to my principal

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