Sean Brown

Real Name
Sean Brown
Alias Name
Date of Birth
Mar. 01, 1986 - Age 37
Azusa, California
Tha Alumni

Artist Bio

Sean Brown (not to be confused with the former National Hockey League defence man of the same name), is an emcee/producer out of Azusa, California. He's part of the Tha Alumni Music Group alongside SDot B, DJ Ill Will, Alex Nazari, DJ Rockstar, KP, Kid Ink, Ned Cameron, Young Jerz and Cardiak. Since 2010, he's released five mixtapes and a several digital EPs, having collaborated with Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign, Glasses Malone and many more. The last we heard of Sean Brown was his December 2013 single "Ok Whatup", as well as his September 2013 mixtape Whole Foods 2. Stay tuned for updates on his career, folks. (Oh yeah, if you're a fan of Brown, you're automatically part of his #DayOneCrew movement.)