In theme with the song itself, the producer of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like," doesn't like how Kanye West re-worked his beat.

The song, "I Don't Like (Remix)," which features G.O.O.D. Music artists Pusha T, Big Sean and Yeezy, as well as Jadakiss and Chief Keef, went viral on Tuesday.

The producer of the original, Young Chop, says he feels disrespected by the remix because Kanye never reached out to him or told him they were going to change up the beat (i.e., during Big Sean and Jadakiss' verse).

Young Chop told, "I just felt disrespected ’cause I didn’t even hear the song before it dropped, and I kept telling them that I wanna hear the song,” he said. “I ain’t know the song was changed over like that. Keef explained in another interview [that] we didn’t hear the song. And then I’m hearing the song and there’s different sounds in the beat, it don’t even sound like the real beat. It sounded like a rock star beat, and that’s not how I do it. That’s not my sound. [Kanye] should have called me and asked me, ‘Ayo Chop, can I do this? Can I do that?’ But no. I didn’t hear nothing from him. I never talked to him."

He continued, "Didn’t nobody know [that the beat would sound different],” Chop said. “I was there when Big Sean recorded his verse, and it was the original beat. I just heard it when everybody heard it. I wanted to be the first one to hear it and, no, that didn’t happen."