Music icon Prince's talents were so beloved by millions that fans almost believed him to be invincible. So, when he was found dead in his home in April 2016, the world paused in shock. A coroner would later determine that Prince died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl, leading to revelations about the musician's addiction to opiates.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In a forthcoming episode of E! True Hollywood Story, Prince's cousin, Charles Smith, candidly speaks about the singer's near-death experience that occurred just a little over a week prior to his death. According to Charles, Prince was in his private plane when he stopped breathing. "He died on the plane," he says. "Then, they brought him back."

Immediately after the singer was revived using Narcan, a drug that counteracts the effects of opioids, he was rushed to a hospital. "Somebody said they wanted to test his blood, and Prince refused to get his blood tested. Somebody was hiding something," Charles recalls. He added that things didn't change much after that incident. "Prince is back to being Prince again and they take him back home. He should've never left that hospital."

"He's flown back to Minneapolis," Charles shares. "I'm like, what? Who does that? After you almost die on the plane. Just look at how many chances everybody had, that was in that circle, to say something or do something. He didn't have a chance." Watch the clip below and tune in for the full episode this Sunday.