PRhyme Count Mick Jenkins, J.I.D. Among The Game's Best Young Rappers

Mitch Findlay
April 03, 2018 11:39

PRhyme look to the young generation for an epic sounding fantasy collaboration.

Hip-hop legends Royce Da 5'9" & DJ Premier recently dropped off the sequel to their acclaimed PRhyme project, and we had the honor of sitting down to chop it up with both artists. 

When asked which three young rappers they'd like to collaborate with, Royce doesn't hesitate. "J.I.D. Nick Grant. How old is Mick Jenkins?" Upon receiving a satisfactory answer, he continues quarterbacking the imaginary collabo. "Mick Jenkins. We need him on there cause we need melody." When asked to perhaps stray away from the lyricist route, Royce takes a moment to ponder. "I like Lil Uzi," he says. "He's good at what he does. I don't listen to none of it, but he's good at what he does." 

Royce also breaks down why Joe Budden's scathing Revival review irked him, explaining that criticism among peers should ultimately come from a place of respect. He reveals he'd never straight up bash Primo's music, saying "it's not that I'm not supposed to keep it real with him, it's just that I talk to him with respect. This is my friend. Now imagine getting on a public platform, it makes it even worse. If I come in here, and Preem breath stink, I slide him a mint. I don't get on camera and go 'hey everybody, Preem breath stink!" At this, Primo chuckles, and proceeds to ask their manager for a stick of gum.

For more from PRhyme, including their thoughts on Lil Dicky & Chris Brown's "Freaky Friday," check out the full video. 

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