As Coloring Book continues to drive up Apple Music subscriptions, Beats 1 radio personality Zane Lowe has sat down with Chance the Rapper for an in-depth interview, much like he did with Drake upon the release of VIEWS. Lowe's interview with Chance will air tomorrow on Beats 1, but Apple Music has already made available a video preview as well as three different sound clips from tomorrow's interview. 

In the below video clip (a sound recording of which is also below), Chance discusses his stance on major labels, saying, "I don't believe that anybody should sign 360 deals." As he's become a household name, he implies that he's had to work with some of the industry-types whom he's often hesitant of, but he also points out that "a lot of those people tried to make it really hard for me to release my project." 

He also speaks on Coloring Book's opening track, "All We Got," which features Kanye West as well as the Chicago Children's Choir. He calls the song the "thesis of the project," and he relays his amazement at watching Kanye's process of laying his own drums onto the track. 

In the the last of the below clips, Chance tells Lowe why he thinks Chicago has been such a hotbed for music over the years. He thinks that the lack of an industry presence has given "everybody a lot of air to make what the f*ck they wanted to make."