Earlier this month, Wrangler revealed their new collaboration with Lil Nas X which featured lyrics from "Old Town Road." Of course, Lil Nas X faced even more backlash from the country community who continued to claim he was "appropriating" their culture. They claimed that he shouldn't be the spokesperson of the brand and tried to make a case that Lil Nas X isn't even a country artist. However, Post Malone feels like they all need to relax.

Post Malone is no stranger to facing hate in his career. He's managed to prosper, despite all of the hate he's received and he had some thoughts on the Lil Nas X scenario going on right now. He defended the "Old Town Road" artist, claiming he has the right to make whatever kind of music he wants to do. Posty also pointed out the clear hypocrisy in the criticism towards Lil Nas X since country music has been co-opting sounds from hip-hop music for a long time. He also mentioned that Wrangler's are really just jeans and if you're that upset about it, you should get over it.

At the end of the day, Lil Nas X is killing the game. "Old Town Road" is still at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for its seventh consecutive week and will likely maintain its position for an eighth week.