On the surface, a rapper (or, like anybody) collaborating with Crocs may seem like an unexpected move. For Post Malone though, it was more a matter of when than if. His entire image is based on a trashy sort of aesthetic and while he's proven to be the nicest guy ever in his interviews, he's more than happy looking like he just spent an entire week without taking a shower in the streets. People have been fascinated with his look too as he was one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year (Rita Ora did it best!) In an unsurprising move, Posty has officially collaborated with Crocs to deliver his brand new clogs to the world.

We all love to make fun of Crocs. If my memory serves me right, they were the shoe to start the entire "What are thooooose!?" craze. While they are admittedly comfortable as all hell, they're ugly as sin. Post Malone took on a collaboration for his own version of the Dimitri Clog, making use of his yellow Posty logo and including a few custom "Jibbitz" in the $59.99 price point. 

The "Psycho" singer issued a statement to Hypebeast on the news, saying, "If you like something, go get it. I wear Crocs everywhere from the bar to the stage and I felt it was the perfect collaboration to get together with Crocs and give the fans what they’ve been asking for."

If you're not vibing with these, you may want to take a look at the much more expensive Gucci sneakers that were unveiled yesterday, inspired by SEGA. If you want a pair of Post's Crocs though, head over to their website as they're only limited edition.