Beginning with "White Iverson," which peaked at the No. 14 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, Post Malone has enjoyed a string of successful singles and a couple of popular LP releases. Most recently with "Congratulations," the wild child's public persona hasn't gotten in the way of his ability to craft bankable hip-hop tracks. Now, the young rapper has contributed at least one feature to Kanye West's upcoming studio effort and the experience was apparently nothing short of a religious one.

lest we forget, Posty has already worked with Yeezus, having participated in the creation of his Life of Pablo track "Fade." In a report for HipHopDX, Malone put forth the idea that working with Kanye is "like working with Jesus Christ." The rapper also called West is like a stepfather, but for a very specific reason: you’re afraid of him, but "you love him". Grammy Museum executive director Scott Goldman, who was on hand for Malone's recent appearance there, quipped that Kanye would most likely agree with the Jesus Christ comparison. This is a man, after all, who was on the receiving end of Kanye's Twitter rant about the Grammy awarding system and how it is "way off and completely out of touch." Yeezy also said that Grammy voters liked their black people "a certain way."

Though Kanye has always been a divisive public figure, there's no denying the sentiment that Malone intimated about his time spent in the studio with the rap icon. Known for having reclusive, mysterious stints where his music genius takes hold of the creative process, this new tidbit of information should whet the appetites of fans who have waited patiently (or not) since West's Life of Pablo release for a follow-up. A lot of personal items may be influencing the tone of Kanye's upcoming work, including the impending birth of his third child and the supposed attempt to repair his relationship with Jay-Z. Whether or not the latter is true, here's hoping that Ye doesn't bungle the roll out of his new music like he did with Pablo, which was a piracy-riddled debacle of epic proportions.