Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are about to expand their family to include a third child, but because of medical concerns on Kim's end, they enlisted the help of a surrogate in order to make the pregnancy work. It turns out that they look to have picked a fine candidate to do the job.

Yesterday (September 6th), we reported that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting their baby daughter in January of 2018. The couple had hired a surrogate after Kim's placenta accreta scare during the birth of Saint West made a third pregnancy potentially life-threatening for the model and reality TV star. So, a surrogate was hired and placed under very strict guidelines while she brought the child to term. This includes a ban on smoking, drinking and using drugs during the pregnancy, as well as avoiding hot tubs or saunas, handling or changing any cat litter, applying hair dye, consuming more than one caffeinated beverage per day or eating raw fish. Despite the clampdown on all of these activities, Kanye and Kim look to have found a real catch with this particular surrogate.

Sources told TMZ that the woman in question is an African-American in her 20s who has been married to her husband for five years. He's reportedly around the same age as her and their relationship is on very solid ground. She's also the mother of two young boys, so she's no stranger when it comes to being in labor. The report also states that she is a college grad - although it wouldn't specify from where - and is supposedly in "great physical shape." That last point is a real bonus, since the power couple would presumbly like to see a smooth pregnancy and delivery after the scare Kim had with their second child. Finally, she's also a registered democrat, which shouldn't make too much of a difference either way, although Kanye and Donald Trump have shown their support for each other publicly in the past.

The surrogate is currently halfway through her pregnancy with Kanye and Kim's baby and is expected to have the child as planned in January.