Popeyes has officially run out of their wildly popular chicken sandwich and it only took 15 total days after it made it's grand debut. But what a couple of weeks it was for Popeyes.

According to Apex Marketing, the fast food chain generated $65 million worth of buzz among the news & social media platforms, as athletes, celebrities and others hunted down the nearest Popeyes to see what all the hype was about.

Among the athletes who got their hands on the coveted chicken sandwich before the supply finally ran out was Philadelphia 76ers All Star Ben Simmons, who seemed pleasantly impressed with the goods. As seen in the video embedded below, Simmons kept a tight lock on his Popeyes treasure while giving the new item his stamp of approval. 


Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson was another NBA star who got his hands on the Popeyes chicken sandwich earlier this week, and he made sure to buy one for everybody else at the Van Nuys location

While many have rushed to Popeyes for a taste test, Atlanta Hawks veteran Evan Turner has floated a conspiracy theory about the true nature of Popeyes' latest menu item. Click here to see what ET thinks of the chicken sandwich hysteria.