Investigators in Gwinett County, Georgia suspect that a rivalry between rap groups Migos and 2G was behind the murder of a local man on June 11th. 

The victim, Paris Brown, was hit by a stray bullet that investigators say was intended for Migos member Kiara Cephus. Surveillance footage portrays two men walking down a narrow corridor with weapons before exiting frame for roughly 10 seconds, in which time police suspect the shooting took place. The same men return into view still firing their firearms.

Cephus was picked up for questioning, but refused to give any information to investigators. "We know he was there, however he would not cooperate with the investigation," said Cpl. Deon Washington of the Gwinett County Police Department. Washington also stated that that Cephus was more concerned with keeping his street credibility than helping police solve the murder.

Police have identified and arrested of one of the gunmen, known 2G affiliate Cory Marzette, and are actively investigating the second suspect. According to the report by WSB-TV, the feud between Migos and 2G has lasted over six months and has resulted in various incidents around the county.

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