PnB Rock Steals Your Girl In "Scrub" Video

Alex Zidel
May 08, 2018 17:37

PnB Rock releases the visuals for "Scrub."

Ladies, PnB Rock is here to help you delete the "scrub" from your life. In the video for the latest single from the singer's debut album Catch These Vibes, PnB Rock magically appears to swoop up your girl from a pizzeria, spoiling her throughout the clip. PnB takes the woman to the Gucci store to get "double G'd up" and "double C'd up," to the watchmaker for a custom piece and he even cops her a car. All this to prove that he is an improvement over the "Scrub" that she currently spends time with.

The video is glitchy and light-natured as the aforementioned "Scrub" continually pops up behind the newly-formed couple, looking confused as ever. If you're a fan of PnB Rock, check out the brand new music video and let us know your thoughts.

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