There appears to be some family drama brewing. Playboi Carti has had a successful year so far, dropping his album Die Lit and performing in all corners of the world. In high school, he used to work regularly with his cousin UnoTheActivist before going their separate ways. While they still collaborate from time to time, their joint tracks just aren't as frequent and the reason seems to have been revealed in a series of now-deleted tweets that Uno fired off last night.

XXL managed to have an eye on UnoTheActivist's social activity when he started calling out Carti for stealing his style and selling out. He began the rant by clarifying that his upcoming messages were not disses. Then, he went in, writing, "I would never sell soul for the fame, I would never change on my family over p-ssy, I would never friend my brothers enemy, I would never talk down on family so n---as don't fuck with him before they meet, all that devil worship feeding statues is out." He continued by implying Carti stole his style: "N---as look u in yo eye and say *I can take yo style because we family* then never see u again." 

Uno also alleges that Carti called his shooter his "big homie" after the fact. The Atlanta rapper was shot in 2016 and he wrote, "If a n---a shot my brother I would never call the shooter my big homie especially when these n---as babies out here."

The tweets have since been deleted but XXL caught some screenshots.