Last week, a video of Phoenix police officers drawing guns and using excessive force to arrest a family quickly went viral. The video which was recorded by a bystander shows a young couple which included a pregnant woman, being arrested with guns pointed at them and so right outside of their baby sitter's apartment complex. The brutal arrest was also witnessed by the couple's two children which included a four-year-old and a toddler. It is also believed that the arrest occurred due to shoplifting claims and we found out that the eldest daughter allegedly stole a dollar store doll. Nevertheless, due to the violence of the counter, a civil lawsuit was quickly filed against the city's police department in the upwards of $10 million dollars. The arrest shocked many folks and social media, celebrities as well. Jay-Z's lawyers recently offered legal support to the family in their rights violation proceedings against the city's police. And now, the department's chief has finally spoken out on the ordeal and issued his sincerest apologies. 

According to The Washington Post, Police Chief Jeri Williams publicly apologized to the family, Phoenix community and the public for the incident on Sunday via Phoenix TV station KTKV. He also added that an international investigation was underway to look into the incident. Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego also shared an apology to the family via Twitter on Sunday.