Evelyn Lozada is on thin ice when it comes to her role in VH1's Basketball Wives reality series. The 43-year-old has been called out endlessly on Twitter for her racist remarks to her co-stars that has led viewers to shame the network for allowing Evelyn to still be on the show going forward. "Social media can reveal the wickedness and hate that women have amongst each other @EvelynLozada you are a colorist you called a black sister a monkey. You are a negative influence on TV and for young women," one user wrote

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Since Evelyn's remarks were aired on television, women have banned together to form a number of petitions to have the mother of two dropped from her role. The largest of the petitions is one hosted on Change.org titled "Help Relieve Ms. Lozada of Her Services from Basketball Wives." As we write this, over 6,000 people have signed as the number of signatures continue to grow. 

Watch the teaser of Evelyn's racist jab to her co-star and peep online reactions below.